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Leadership Consultant/Coach/
           Change Agent

I help leaders & organizations reach and sustain long-term effectiveness

3-Dimensional Leadership

  1. Personal Leadership: Leading the self with clarity, confidence and courage

  2. Performance Leadership: Consistently prioritizing & executing

  3. People Leadership: Building & sustaining teams with internal and external customers.


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Justin Flunder founded his company, The Flundonian Group, a premier leadership & high-performance coaching & consulting company that helps organizations achieve REAL results.  For the past 15 years, Justin has been coaching, consulting, and developing his clients' both personally and professionally.  The Flundonian Group delivers Executive & Leadership Coaching, Team Development and Talent Management utilizing differentiated strategies & methodologies.

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Justin leads half-day, full-day & multi-day workshops and certificate programs designed to help leaders and their teams become better communicators and  performers, working more collaboratively and unifying a workplace that engages and empowers employees to maximize output.


Justin offers executive & leadership coaching to help individuals and their teams address current challenges. Justin's results-oriented approach helps leaders to devise an individual & customized  road map utilizing Justin's   3-Dimensional Coaching Program designed to achieve the desired goal.


Justin addresses issues one-by-one, customizing the approach  and  utilzing his experience and practical delivery utilizing a  hands-on  approach.  Justin identifies the underlying root cause and offers the right strategy providing successful people solutions which creates an environment to accelerate execution & effectiveness.

Programs & Resources           | with Justin Flunder

Leadership Coaching/Consulting

Specializing in 3-Dimensional Coaching


Real problems require real solutions.   Justin helps leaders to develop into a 3-Dimensional Leader:

  1. Personal Leadership: Leading the self with clarity, confidence and courage

  2. Performance Leadership: Executing & producing on top priorities

  3. People Leadership: Building & sustaining meaningful relationships at both home and work


Transformational Leadership Seminar

For Leaders Who Want Real Growth & Development in a Short Period of Time


This program will offer you a unique opportunity to synthesize and deepen your mastery of the core personal leadership principles through the intensive application, experiential learning, individualized feedback, and reflection. To ensure development and growth, class size is limited.  This program is best suited to individuals looking for real growth in a short period of time. 


High Performance Leadership Seminars &Workshops

One, Two, and Multi-day Program Delivery


Justin provides individual & team development in both an in-house and on-line delivery format. Justin designs and delivers specific programming using advanced leadership development applications in a number of leadership topics.  Justin is an experienced program specialist who designs key programs to suit the needs of the individual, team, or organization. 




Justin showed selfless service and commitment to me as a man, both in business, and more importantly, in my marriage and family life! His coaching has been essential in the process of realizing the roadblocks to success and journeying towards becoming the 3-Dimensional leader that I am called to be.                                                                                                                                                     


Dr. Martin Owen,

Chief Medical Officer

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 John Murray,

VP of Operations

Like many high performing and driven professional leaders, I often found myself in conflict in many areas of my life where seeking balance and satisfying life’s important stakeholders was often in misalignment. I’m extremely grateful to have been introduced to Justin as a Business and Personal Coach. I consider Justin a critical personality and resource for my development professionally, personally, and as a leader in all areas of my life.

Working with Justin has allowed me to adjust my life’s perspective and expectations. Before working with Justin my focus was singular and based in rationality and logic, with very little consideration for the human element; the emotional and psychological make up of people. Working with Justin has allowed me to explore, understand, and manage my internal motivation to constantly improve my professional self and to seek to gain balance and alignment between intellect and emotion (head & heart). My personal payoff and the value I gain from working with Justin is a new sense of balance and joy from developing deeper relationships with family, friends, and colleagues. I highly recommend Justin Flunder as Business and Leadership Coach for anyone looking to get out of their own way and be responsible for self.

Justin is a person who just by his very being makes me want to improve how I lead myself and my organization. While many in his industry look at it as “work” or a job,  Justin truly cares about those he equips. He’s not out to make a quick business transaction, but rather he helps elevate them to the next level so they get the results they want.  


I see his Christian values as an example as a real driving force, and I know that he puts virtue before anything else. All of these traits have put Justin on a very short list of people I can completely trust. And with the work I do in Hollywood, trust is something that is hard to come by. If you are wanting to get a specific result for yourself or organization, I can assure you that you’ll receive more value than you would ever imagine. 


Fred Jung, Executive Producer

William Shattner Universe

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