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About Justin

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Justin Flunder (B.Ed., M.Ed.,CLC)

Executive Coach/Consultant/Workshop Leader


Justin Flunder is a premiere High Performance Leadership development specialist serving both business and entrepreneurial leaders. He is known for developing successful leaders at all levels of the organization and community using his differentiated teaching & coaching methodology.  Justin's background in education (B.Ed. & M.Ed.) has prepared him for his unique style of getting people to both understand and implement their learning.  Justin uses a variety of delivery modalities, from one day seminars to full multi - day immersion events. 


As a certified leadership coach and professional speaker Justin infuses his love for growth and development using his wide range of modalities, ranging from in-house delivery to on-line training and coaching programs.  Justin's has been mentored by his friend and teacher John C. Maxwell.  Justin is privileged to be infusing change and growth into others by adding proven leadership principles and methods from his educational and leadership experience.


Justin Flunder is the founder of The Flundonian Group, a Leadership Development & Coaching Company committed to developing and equipping everyday leaders in organizations and communities. Justin works with both medium and small companies developing and equipping leaders, entrepreneurs and the next generation.

For the past 15 years, Justin has developed as a specialist in interpersonal communication and practical leadership delivery. As a Professional Teacher/Speaker/Coach and Practical Leadership Author, Justin is known for delivering “edutaining” and interactive keynotes, workshops and seminars, and experiential coaching programs which take people from inspiration to application.

Justin's success in developing leaders in business, education, and government had provided him with the powerful opportunity of hosting his own talk radio show, The Change Agent, to every day leaders throughout the world. One of his most rewarding experiences has been using this platform to journey and lead change and growth in others.
After years of working with under-performing and unfulfilled individuals, Justin founded High Performance Leadership, a leadership and coaching philosophy that engages the head and the heart of leadership, resulting in lasting change. As a serious student of

human potential, Justin has created new and relevant ways to inspire and ignite leaders.​

A very important area that business must focus on is productivity.  Most companies have no problem working on streamlining processes, lean manufacturing, time management, etc. What good is it to have a streamlined company wthout streamlined people? They are our most important asset and unfortunately, the investment in properly training employees is lacking. Sending our employees to one of Justin's courses has had a tremendous, long term impact on our people. It was one of the best investments our company has made!

Garret Couples

CEO, Gentex

Justin Flunder is dynamic, gifted and talented. Justin delivers wisdom and understanding in a clear, practical and readily understandable manner. His story telling ability makes him enjoyable and fun to listen to. I was quickly caught up in the underlying power of what he has to say for living an effectual and purposeful life. My conviction became to take life changing steps from his insights, instructions, and inspirations. I have the desire to settle for no less than my best as a Change Agent Leader! Justin Flunder refers to creating "unstoppable momentum" and he is a catylist!

Mark Pace

Executive Producer, VoiceAmerica





I have acquired valuable tools from Justin that I will use daily not just to grow my business but to be the best that I can be. Going forward, everything I do personally will be based on living in my strengths, prioritizing, and operating from my heart in service and support of others. Justin thank you for your punctuality; for always being prepared; for encouraging discussion and sharing with personal examples and superb questions; for giving us space to be accountable to ourselves; and for your sincere desire to support each of us in being the best leaders we can be. 

Gail Baron, AMP






Justin & John at the Maxwell residence in West Palm Beach, Florida

Justin A. Flunder is a leader in teaching the power of strength in self-mastery.  When you apply his lessons, you will experience a personal/professional transformation manifested by marked increases in cell growth.  You have the honor -- and the obligation -- to be the best you can be, at home and at work… you owe it to yourself, your family, others at the office, and others beyond.  Justin has shown this and provides the necessary insights and strategies, to prove that the “sky is the limit."
David Rodney,
Mt. Everest Double Summiteer, Elected Representative



As a result of Justin's Leadership Mastermind Program and what I have learned, I have since agreed to be manager of four different programs within our agency.  It is like veils have been removed from in front of my eyes as I see the issues of upper and middle management in a brand new way.  I am not scared of the negativity and the lack of trust that I feel. 

Linda Herron



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