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Exceptional leadership is the cornerstone of success

Elevate, Ignite, Transform


I believe the essential component of any successful organization or team is the ability to evolve, adapt and grow forward. If our businesses, teams and individuals are not transforming the way they think, act and measure, it will be impossible to achieve new heights. 

I believe if we can envision the combined strength of every individual collaborating to bring forth something innovative, something previously believed to be unattainable, and something that holds immense potential to positively impact everyone, true sustainable growth can take place. 

"Justin Flunder is dynamic, gifted and talented. Justin delivers wisdom and understanding in a clear, practical and readily understandable manner. His story telling ability makes him enjoyable and fun to listen to. I was quickly caught up in the underlying power of what he has to say for living an effectual and purposeful life. My conviction became to take life changing steps from his insights, instructions, and inspirations. I have the desire to settle for no less than my best as a Change Agent Leader! Justin Flunder refers to creating "unstoppable momentum" and he is a catylist!"                                                                                                                                                                                         - - Mark Pace (Executive Producer, VoiceAmerica)

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My personal journey began in the field of education, where I personally witnessed the profound impact of teaching and empowering others. I encountered teams of individuals who were dissatisfied and ineffective due to their lack of a growth mindset, influence, and accountability for their outcomes.


This experience served as a catalyst for change in my own life and in teams of people I coached, igniting a deep commitment to continuous learning, personal growth, and leadership development. 

 I am a Master teacher & coach, wholeheartedly devoted to the art and science of people development.

During my pursuit of a Master's degree in leadership, I came to a realization that "Measure What Matters" extends beyond processes and products—it encompasses the individuals leading the way. This newfound understanding inspired me to embody a culture of transformational leadership in my own life and share its benefits with others.


That's when I founded The Flundonian Group in 2007, a leadership development and coaching company that wholeheartedly embraces the principles of transformational growth. I started to see how this effective way of developing organizations, teams, and individuals increased productivity, performance and overall fulfillment in life. 


Our unwavering dedication centers around paving the way in this groundbreaking work. 

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