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Leadership Coaching

Justin Flunder

PPCC, B.Ed, M. Ed. 

Executive & Leadership Coach/Consultant


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Executive Coaching


 Justin's focus as an executive leadership coach is to focus on both leadership skills as well as personal development. Everything rises and falls on leadership.  It comes with the understanding that improving leadership skills and personal development of your personal and professional leadership will ultimately lead to improvement and success of the organization.

I specialize in helping senior leaders achieve personal improvement goals. These goals can be execution, improving staff motivation, increasing effectiveness, improving communication skills and so on. Facilitating desired behavior will directly result in you achieving your goals and in turn the success of the organization to take place.





Team Development

When I am working in a group setting, although it’s not singular in nature, having the entire group’s input in thinking magnifies the richness of the discussions and results in developing solutions that are above and beyond what any individual can create. The cohesive bond and trust that is formed empowers each person to develop the leader within and shine in a safe environment that nurtures the group as a whole. It is an experience unlike any other and follows the same premise as an high performance think tank.


Business – Coaching & Consulting consisting of creating real solutions to key obstacles.

When I am working with a business owner(s), whether it's a start up or a seasoned entrepreneur,  creating real and long-term success by finding the root problem(s), offering the right solutions, and providing the most effective tools available to build a successful and thriving business is what matters.

As business coach I help my clients work on a variety of goals such as building an effective business plan, reviving strategy, identifying marketing needs, boosting overall motivation and performance of the organization and so on. 

As a business coach, I understand successful business practices, productive team environments, motivational approaches, and provide tools to overcome any obstacles. I work in a partnership with my client (a business owner) to grow their company and/or solve a business-related obstacle.

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The 3-Dimensional Leader

Justin specializes in coaching leader who are striving in their business or corporate lives grow into peaceful connection within themselves, their marriage and family, equipping them to thrive in life with confidence, strength and contentment - The 

3-Dimensional Leader.

For the past 15 years, Justin has helped hundreds of leaders transform the way they lead in 3 distinct dimensions: Personal Leadership; Performance Leadership; People Leadership.

Justin's unique & original coaching program specializes in helping leaders overcome and conquer one or more of the following challenges:

- Lack of results: The constant worry that things aren’t moving fast enough. Yet, it feels like he is on the treadmill and he is not getting the business and/or personal results he envisions. He works hard but isn't seeing the results.

Low Optimization: A lack of energy and vitality; a feeling that he is not living his best self. Metaphorically, it feels like he is juggling many balls in the air and his load feels very heavy.

-Time pressures: Not enough time to do it all. Meeting work demands and spending quality time with his family is often out of balance creating frustration, stress and guilt.

- Overwhelm: Can’t be all things to all people. Work/success demands are great and at the end of the day, their isn't much left to give resulting in stress, anger and frustration.

-Lack of influence: Has the vision and strategy but can't seem to get everyone buying into that vision. Frustrated with getting team buy-in and executing on key priorities.

-Lack of intimacy/connection: Constantly worrying about his marriage/family paying a price for his distraction and work life. The constant complaining of his wife that he is distracted and not available. The lack of intimacy and connection in his marriage.

-Fear: Fear of failure; fear of rejection; fear of looking incompetent; fear that he doesn't measure up - all these fears hold leaders back from achieving inner freedom and reaching his potential, living with impact and legacy.

-Lack of peace/contentment: internal pressure to do more and be more. Cant enjoy the moment. Always driven toward the task; not present in relationships

-Avoidance: Not dealing with core problems - personal, business or relational. Chooses unhealthy behaviors. As a result the problem is getting worse and carries personal guilt.

Whether it's one or more of the above challenges, Justin works with leaders providing the clarity, tools, strategy and action that produces results. 

Connect with Justin Today to discuss what your coaching looks like for you, your team, or your organization.

P. 403.391.6614


Client Experience:

 Like business owners and leaders, I believed management was leadership and leadership was management.  My view on leadership and life altogether has vastly changed thanks to the leadership coaching of Justin Flunder.

I have learned that everything really does rise and fall on Leadership and it all starts with leading self.  Justin has provided me with many valuable tools and coaching on using the tools to become the best version of myself.  

I have been able to utilize Justin's leadership coaching to advance my professional career and more importantly, as a company, we have been able to advance.  We have integrated a culture of leadership at all levels within the company and I believe that this is one of the reasons we have been able to weather the economic storm that Alberta has been suffering through as we are all aware.

Leadership is influence and in order to influence people, effective relationships is a requirement.  For complete effectiveness a human needs full relationship balance in all aspects of life. I practice leadership daily, at home, at work, and in any social setting I find myself in.  I believe that I am making a positive impact in all these areas and it will improve the lives of others thanks to the development Justin has instilled in me and my employees. 

If there was any question about acquiring Justin's services, I would highly recommend taking the first step. You will not be disappointed.

                                                                                                                                                       -- Eric Madsen


Eric Madsen, President

Prime Boiler Services

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