Transformational Leadership Seminar

              (Certificate Program)

              May 26 - 29, 2022


Justin Flunder’s High-Performance Leadership Immersion Program is an exclusive opportunity for leaders to encounter a transformational experience in a safe harbor environment.  This unique personal leadership development and coaching program leads participants through a journey of clarity, discovery, and incredible growth. 


The 3 1/2 day seminar begins Thursday evening at 7:30pm and concludes Sunday at 2pm. It's an intense, non-stop, interactive experience that will challenge, inform, excite and entertain everyday leaders looking for the next level in their personal and professional leadership journey.


Participants will discover that Justin’s accelerated learning program is a safe place to have an honest look at yourself in the mirror, gain massive clarity, transform mindsets and obtain large-scale results while learning the best-practices & tools leadership and team development have to offer. Whether you are an organizational leader, emerging leader or an experienced entrepreneur, this transformational leadership experience meets you where you are and gives you the tools to lead and coach more effectively. Justin’s process will show you how to grow your potential in a very short period of time.








Host Site: Kananaskis Alberta

This program will offer you a unique opportunity to synthesize and deepen your mastery of the core personal leadership principles through intensive application, experiential learning, individualized coaching and feedback, and reflection. To ensure large scale results in your development and growth, class size is limited.  This program is best suited to individuals looking for real growth personally, in their team, organization or business.


The leadership immersion experience focuses on several core areas that have been consistently identified as key development areas by high performance people. These areas include:


  • Self-discovery & awareness

  • Developing a Leader’s Mindset

  • Removing Personal Obstacles & Solving Problems

  • Peak Performance & Productivity

  • Building Teams 

  • Influence

  • Coaching


Key Benefits for Each Participant:


At the end of this event, you will:


  • Experience explosive improvements in your thinking, confidence, performance & productivity

  • Develop the skill of solving problems

  • Communicate with influence

  • Achieve clarity of thought and purpose

  • Coach for results

  • Develop personal strategy designed to move you forward

  • Learn what it takes to get the results you want














Who Should Attend


*To maximize focus, concentration, and results, this program has limited enrollment.


This program is offered in two ways:


Open Enrollment:  Leaders attend individually Spring, 2022

Closed Group: Organizations send one or multiple teams  (minimum 5 individuals per team)


This program is offered to people who are looking for the next level:


  • Individuals who are wanting to grow their impact & influence

  • Leaders who are focused on growth and development and want it in a short period of time

  • Teams looking to grow individually and as a cohesive unit

  • Leaders who are wanting to learn how to coach & solve problems

  • Entrepreneurs who want their business to explode 

  • Organizations looking to have leaders who think, solve problems and lead effectively



Learning Cycle


Throughout the weekend, individuals experience Justin’s learning cycle first-hand. Once they are able to experience this process and grow from it, they are then able to apply it post-program to themselves and others.


The learning cycle involves a process where individuals experience five levels of learning:



  • Self-discovery:  individuals undergo a series of exercises and activities that allows them to seek and find answers to questions that challenge awareness. Participants see what they could not see prior to this experience.                                                   

  • Self-awareness:  through the process of self-discovery, the individual/team begins to gain clarity and to see into ‘self’ and into circumstances.  You cannot change what you do not acknowledge. Often people do not see because they have not taken the time to become aware or they don’t know how to become aware.                                                                                                                             

  • Learning:  acknowledgment, understanding, seeing clearly, and knowledge are all part of the learning process. Knowledge is not power, it is potential power. Once a person is able to gain clarity and understanding they are ready to grow and push forward.  Putting the learning into practice (taking massive action) helps to create new learning systems in the brain.                                          

  • Reflection:  although reflection is ongoing, becoming a reflective practitioner is key to see what is working and what is not working. It allows individuals to remove blind spots and gain evidence to support their growth and learning.                                        

  • Action: common knowledge always doesn't mean common practice.  Individuals must learn how to set measurable goals, evaluate progress, and take massive action as they move forward into a new learning cycle.














Additional Information



Accommodation and food are separate from the registration price. Approximate hotel cost per night is discounted at $200/night (plus taxes).  Once participants are registered for the program, they will receive an email confirmation outlining how to book one of the discounted rooms available at the Delta Lodge or Mount Kidd Manor for the reduced seminar price. Participants may share a room with another person or choose to stay by themselves. Participants are on their own for food and there are a variety of restaurants and food options available.


Spring & Fall 2022 Program Date


This High-Performance Leadership Immersion Program runs in May.  




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Program Registration per individual (Thursday Evening – Sunday Afternoon) - $1497.00

Early Bird Pricing: By May 1th, 2022 - $1197.00

Room accommodation (reduced seminar price)  


 Here is a detailed description of the Program:

Thursday, May 26, 2022


7:15pm - 7:30pm - Registration

7:30pm - 10:30pm - Laying the Foundation

Friday, May 27, 2022

9am - Noon

Module 1: Levels of Learning 

Module 2: Leader's Mindset

1:00pm - 6:00pm

Module 3: Authentic Leadership

Module 4: The Leader's Trap

Module 5: The High Performance Leader

Saturday, May 28, 2022

9:00am - Noon

Module 6: Communication: The Box

1:00pm - 6:00pm

Module 7: The High Performance Quadrant

Module 8: The Change Map

Module: 9: The High Performance Leader's Formula

Sunday, May 29, 2022

8:00am - 11:00am

Module 10: Leading From A Place of Why

11:00am - 2:00pm

 Review & Wrap-Up

*Breaks will be taken at different time of the day based on session progress.

Certificate Hours: 25


*Contact Justin today to hold your spot.  Limited enrollment.































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“Sending our people to Justin's transformational leadership events has had a tremendous, long term impact on our people. It was one of the best investments our company has made!”

                                                                      Garrett Cupples, CEO Gentex Oilfield

“This was above all the most life changing seminar I have ever experienced. Through this experience the decision has been made to take action and move out of complacency.  Thank you Justin! 

                                                                                   Judy Bousquet, Owner


“This was the best leadership development training I have experienced in my 25+ years in management."

                                                                     Jason Obenauer, General Manager

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