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The Flundonian Group

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In 2007, Justin Flunder embarked on a mission that would forever alter the way leadership development and talent management are approached.  Inspired by his experiences and extensive action research during his Masters in Educational Leadership program, Justin founded The Flundonian Group with a simple purpose — to empower and develop individuals and organizations to achieve success through a comprehensive approach that combines leadership development, talent management, and the provision of essential tools for growth and achievement.

Justin, touched by the challenges faced by educational teams across Alberta, Canada, recognized the immense potential that lay dormant within them. He witnessed the barriers caused by inadequate support and development, and it sparked a desire within him to make a genuine difference. With a deep understanding of change management and leadership initiatives, and applying the same principles to his own growth and development, Justin began to realize his vision to help others unlock their true capabilities.

The Flundonian Group was built on the core belief: to value every individual. Justin and his team were driven by the genuine desire to add real value to people's lives and businesses, fueled by an unwavering appreciation for the growth potential that resides within each person. They understood that customized development was the key to igniting genuine, sustainable change.

Through Justin's unique and differentiated approach to leadership development, talent management, and performance enhancement, The Flundonian Group worked tirelessly to support teams and leaders in their pursuit of growth through effectiveness. Whether it was supporting succession planning, navigating change, installing performance development systems, resolving conflicts, or providing executive coaching, they guided individuals and businesses towards success with authenticity and genuine care.

What truly set The Flundonian Group apart was their commitment to personalized solutions. Their focus extended beyond one-size-fits-all approaches, as they recognized that each business and industry is unique. With a no-nonsense approach through integrity and sincerity, they crafted tailor-made programs to meet the specific needs of every organization, ensuring that their impact was meaningful and lasting.

Partnering with The Flundonian Group means embarking on a genuine journey of growth and transformation.  Experience our transformative approach to leadership development and talent management, and elevate your team and business to new heights of success.

"A very important area that business must focus on is productivity.  Most companies have no problem working on streamlining processes, lean manufacturing, time management, etc. What good is it to have a streamlined company without streamlined people? They are our most important asset and unfortunately, the investment in properly training employees is lacking. Sending our employees to one of Justin's courses has had a tremendous, long term impact on our people. It was one of the best investments our company has made!"

Garret Couples, CEO


Invest in your leadership journey with us!

Experience the transformative power of our coaching and leadership development programs. Together, we will unleash your true leadership potential, propel your career or organization to new heights, and create a lasting impact in an ever-evolving business landscape. Get ready to lead with purpose, inspire with passion, and thrive with excellence. 

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