Developing your leadership capabilities can directly impact your company's profitability. It can give you the confidence to create innovative strategies and make bolder business decisions. Strong leadership is synonymous with high performing organizations.  


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Justin leads half-day, full-day & multi-day workshops to help leaders and their teams become better communicators, working more collaboratively and creating a workplace that engages and empowers employees to bring their best to work.


Justin offers executive & leadership coaching in both one-on-one and team settings to help leaders address the current challenges they face and devise a road map for how to move forward in achieving their goals.


Justin addresses issues one-by-one, customizing the approach  and  delivering  hands-on  guidance identifying underlying

obstacles to assist leadership teams in providing successful solutions to accelerate execution & implementation.

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High Performance Leadership Seminars &Workshops

One, Two, and Multi-day Program Delivery


Justin provides individual & team development in both an in-house and on-line delivery format. Justin designs and delivers specific programming using advanced leadership development applications in a number of leadership topics.  Justin is an experienced program specialist who designs key programs to suit the needs of the individual, team, or organization. 

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Leadership Skills Training - 1-Day & 3-Day

Leadership Training for Frontline Leaders


Why do some leaders succeed at levels beyond their imagination, while others struggle? It comes down to how they manage their communication, personal leadership, performance coaching, and team development skills.  Think about it. If you can’t master the art of leading on a day to day basis, your lack of ability to get things done and to influence others will leave you with mediocre results.  

Leadership Skills Training 1-Day is an impactful day that covers key concepts like productive communication, personal productivity, difficult conversations and how to effectively lead others. 

Leadership Skills Training Certificate 3-Day is an in-depth development covering key concepts such as productive communication, conflict resolution, performance coaching, and how to effectively lead others.

(Get 2/3 cost recovery utilizing the Alberta-Job Grant)

Transformational Leadership Event

For Leaders Who Want Real Growth & Development in a Short Period of Time


This program will offer you a unique opportunity to synthesize and deepen your mastery of the core personal leadership principles through the intensive application, experiential learning, individualized feedback, and reflection. To ensure development and growth, class size is limited.  This program is best suited to individuals looking for real growth in a short period of time. 


Individual & Team Coaching/Consulting

Specialized and Impactful Coaching Providing Clarity, Solutions & Supportive Action


Real problems require real solutions.  As a Certified Business & Leadership Coach, Justin provides individual and team coaching blocks & executive coaching sessions designed to help his clients achieve clarity, solutions, and action.  


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