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Transform Your Leadership, Transform Your Results

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Service Description

Transform Your Leadership; Transform Your Results coaching & training program is a live dynamic and intensive 6-week journey designed for those who are primed to transform their thinking and who are serious about achieving results in their business, team, or role. Crafted exclusively for dedicated leaders, this course equips you with the leadership development tools, strategies, and insights necessary to create a significant and lasting impact in your personal and professional life. To achieve greatness in your journey, it is essential to embrace extraordinary opportunities for learning and growth. This is the essence of Impact; it propels you towards unlocking your maximum potential! Key outcomes include: Enhanced decision-making abilities to drive business results, refined communication skills to foster relationships and motivate teams effectively, strengthened emotional intelligence for improved interpersonal skills and resilience, boosted strategic thinking to navigate complex scenarios and manage change, mastery of self-leadership to inspire trust and model positive behaviors. Week 1: Setting the Stage (90 minutes) Welcome and program overview Introduction to key concepts and objectives Setting individual goals and expectations Week 2: Mindset (90 minutes) Understanding the power of mindset Identifying and overcoming limiting beliefs Cultivating a growth mindset for personal and professional success Week 3: Personal Leadership (90 minutes) Exploring self-awareness and leverage your personal strengths Identifying personal values and aligning them with leadership Developing self-leadership skills for enhanced effectiveness Week 4: Authentic Leadership (90 minutes) Embracing authenticity as a leader Building trust and credibility through transparency and integrity Developing strategies to lead with authenticity in various contexts Week 5: Influence (90 minutes) Understanding the principles & practices of effective influence Developing communication skills to inspire and motivate others Building strong relationships and networks for greater impact Week 6: Execution and Action Mapping (90 minutes) Build a personal roadmap for execution goals Learn how to implement the OKR system

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Old Court House, 50 Street, Red Deer, AB, Canada

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