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Leading in Times of Change

Equipping leaders to navigate, inspire and thrive through times of change


The "Leading in Times of Change" coaching workshop offers an immersive and transformative experience designed to empower leaders & teams with the skills and mindset necessary to excel in times of change. This workshop incorporates Justin's hand-on dynamic change map model, providing a proven framework for aligning all stakeholders and driving successful change initiatives. 

Whether you're merging two businesses or rebuilding a team, Justin's transformative coaching will guide you through the change process with expertise, ensuring your success and empowering you to navigate the transition with confidence.

Key Outcomes:

Enhanced Change Leadership Competencies: Develop advanced leadership skills to effectively lead and inspire during times of change, fostering a culture of agility, innovation, and adaptability.

Resilience and Well-being: Build personal resilience strategies to navigate change with confidence and guide team members in developing their own resilience, leading to improved well-being and performance.

Strategic Change Alignment: Gain a deep understanding of Justin's dynamic change model and learn how to align all stakeholders, ensuring buy-in, commitment, and successful execution of change initiatives.

Change Leadership: Acquire techniques to engage and manage diverse stakeholders throughout the change process, fostering collaboration, trust, and active involvement.

Change Planning and Execution: Justin will help you to plan and execute the “Roadmap”, incorporating clear objectives, milestones, and measurement metrics.

By participating in this transformative coaching workshop, leaders will emerge equipped with the comprehensive skills, knowledge, and tools needed to empower resilient leadership, drive successful change initiatives, and create a culture of adaptability, innovation, and growth within their organizations.


Very informative and involving. I feel more confident leaving this training. - Chelsey Roberge, Manager


Invest in your leadership journey with us!

Experience the transformative power of our coaching and leadership development programs. Together, we will unleash your true leadership potential, propel your career or organization to new heights, and create a lasting impact in an ever-evolving business landscape. Get ready to lead with purpose, inspire with passion, and thrive with excellence. 

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