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Performance Management & Leadership Certificate

5-Day Program Offering

A Business' primary concern and responsibility involves managing the performance of his/her teams and the people who report to thier leaders. This presents a wealth of unique challenges ranging from personal to professional, and it’s the leader’s job to deal with them.  Many performance issues are left to have a much larger impact than they should – when corrective action is often the only option. If the issues and causes are dealt with in the early stages, it can save the leader and the organization a huge amount in terms of time and resources. There is a much better way!

This 5-Day Certificate Training & Coaching program will help you learn, execute, assess and review practices by adopting a proactive approach to performance and leadership. It will equip you with a workable set of tools and a framework for managing performance and leading others which can be implemented by any individual, team or within the organizational environment.  This course is essential for all managers and leaders who recognize that an effective approach to performance management and leadership development is an essential set of skills that must be developed and implemented.

Lead instructor and coach, Justin Flunder, delivers a comprehensive training that will leave participants with the confidence and skills to lead, manage and deliver a performance management & leadership system.

Performance Management & Leadership Certificate - 5 Day

Day One lays the foundation understanding core concepts that provide a leadership roadmap for key leaders in the organization.  At the end of Day One, participants will learn:

  • How to assess personal strengths & weaknesses

  • How to understand and apply the 5 Levels of Leadership

  • How to lead subordinates effectively

  • How to create a leadership culture within a performance management system

  • How to develop leadership skills and strategies

Day Two focuses on understanding core concepts, specifically, what Performance Management is, what it does, and how to use it.  At the end of Day Two, participants will learn:

  • How to implement the Performance Management System

  • How to motivate in the work place and how to achieve the most from your employees

  • How to assess team’s strengths and gaps

  • How to use specific tools designed to improve team performance

  • How to develop self and team awareness

Day Three focuses on how to deliver performance feedback and difficult conversations. 

At the end of Day Three, participants will learn:

  • How to deliver performance feedback

  • How to be tough on the problem without being tough on the person

  • How to train and develop employees successfully

  • How to monitor and support employee performance

  • How to develop a Performance Management Action Plan

Day Four focuses on how to effectively communicate within teams and throughout the organization.  At the end of Day Four participants will learn:

  • How to communicate throughout the organization.

  • How to run effective meetings 

  • How to engage and effectively communicate to individual employees on a weekly basis

  • How to use specific tools designed to improve communication within teams

  • How to develop core coaching skills to enhance productivity and performance

Day Five focuses on the Performance Appraisal.  Participants will learn the components of the performance appraisal and how to deliver it effectively.  At the end of Day Five, participants will learn:

  • How to deliver the Performance Appraisal meeting

  • How to Build trust with the employee

  • How to employ effective listening skills

  • How to utilize powerful questioning techniques to effect change

  • How to conduct and practice a performance appraisal in real time

Session Times: 8:30am - 4:30pm

Total Certificate Hours: 35 Hours

Certificate Awarded For Successfully Fulfilling Program Requirements



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Program Registration per individual - $3000.00

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