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The Flundonian Group is a leadership consulting, training and coaching company that is committed to equipping healthy leaders and growing organizations. Through a systematic process, your organization can improve the effectiveness of your leadership & team function and the performance of your employees.  Utilizing an effective leadership development training system within organizations increases performance, productivity, service and profit throughout the company.

Team Development Program

The Team Development Program is designed to give your leadership team the skills and tools needed to create High-Performance Teams.  The model is built on Building Healthy & Successful Organizations, and the process looks like this:


Awareness – Awareness has been cited as the most important capability for the team to develop as it reveals where its natural inclinations lie and use this knowledge to boost those inclinations or compensate for them.


Learn – knowledge transfer provides the leader and team with new skills and practical skills on strengthening current dynamics. 


Practice – With a heightened awareness and key learning outcomes delivered, the team begins to work on specific performance goals and develop key areas of focus.


Measure – In order to find out whether the team is making progress with the areas they are focusing on, assessments are used to see what is working and what needs to be improved.


Follow up – Each training builds on the next with healthy review and focused action. 

This program involves a comprehensive team development training combining 21 hours of instruction and 7.5 hours of leadership coaching.


Course Delivery

Course delivery will take place on-site. If program delivery cannot be conducted in person due to Covid-19, training and coaching sessions can take place online.

Applied Learning Assignments

The team members will be expected to apply the skills and tools learned throughout the training course. Between course training dates, the team will have practical assignments so that they can learn over time and implement their skills training.


Program Overview:

Day 1 - Module 1. Team Assessment Tools – 8:30am - Noon

  • The tools to understand how to measure team performance

  • Apply the 5 Dysfunctions of Team

  • The elements of a high-performance team

  • Learn and develop a team charter


Day 2 - Module 2. Building and Leading Teams – 8:30am - Noon

  • The stages of team development

  • Assessing and improving team performance

  • Best practices for cross-functional teams

  • Apply DeBono’s Team thinking hats


Day 3 - Module 3. Motivating Your Team – 8:30am - Noon

  • Techniques for motivating team members

  • The 5 Emotional Intelligence skills

  • Keeping top performers challenged

  • Managing the unique needs of technical experts


Day 4 - Module 4. Delegating Effectively – 8:30am - Noon

  • When to delegate and to whom

  • Communicating expectations clearly

  • Providing coaching, supervision and support

  • Using delegation as a development tool


Day 5 - Module 5. Performance Management & Measuring Success – 8:30am - Noon

  • Aligning team members’ efforts with business-wide goals

  • Measuring team member performance

  • Conducting effective performance appraisals

  • Addressing performance issues


Day 6 - Module 6. Performance Coaching – 8:30am - Noon

  • Preparing and delivering feedback effectively

  • Using feedback as a proactive development tool

  • Effectively managing coaching relationships

  • Using negative reactions proactively

*All participants will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the program delivery.


*Additional Day: One-on-one Coaching with instructor – Six – 75 minute coaching session

The instructor & coach will schedule one day between days 3 and day 6 to meet with each participant for a 75-minute coaching session to support the learning and work through any challenges.



Proposed Training Dates:

March 24, 2021

April 7, 2021

May 26, 2021

June 21, 2021

July 7, 2021

August 4, 2021


Hours of course Instruction: 21 hours

Hours of one-on-one coaching: 7.5 hours (one per person)


Course Fee:

$3000.00/per Participant (plus gst)


The Flundonian Group

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Red Deer AB T4N 1X4  

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