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Ignite: Leadership Seminar

The Ignite Leadership Seminar is a one day seminar for everyday leaders (Business, Organization, Community, Service, Government, Education) within the community of Olds. It is designed to provide leaders with the right tools and skills so that greater impact and results can be realized.  Every team, business, organization and community has a "Leadership Cap"  The Cap on that team, business, organization and community will determine its success.  If you raise the Cap, you raise the effectiveness ultimately yielding greater results.  


The Cap is always based on the leader in that environment.  If you have leader who is leading at half his/her Capacity; lets say at the average level of 5 out of 10, then that leader cannot take their family, team, business, organization, or community higher than 5 (average).  That is as good as it will get.  The "5" is the CAP on his/her potential.  This one day Leadership Seminar is designed  raise the "Cap" of the leader. 

Community Seminars

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