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6 Week HPL Development Program

Program Overview


Justin’s 6 Week High-Performance Leadership Training Course is an exclusive opportunity for everyday leaders (Supervisor's, Managers, Entrepreneurs) to encounter a practical and influential learning program. This no-nonsense leadership development and coaching program leads participants through a journey of clarity, discovery, and growth.


The 6-week program consists of leaders having access to a High-Performance Leadership Training video every week.  This video can be accessed anytime from the program site so leaders can learn at their own pace and time.  Every week Justin delivers a new training module and every week Justin hosts a one-hour training and coaching call to support the week's learning.  Justin answers questions and coaches effectively so every leader can maximize their learning and impact.  Every coaching call is recorded for leaders in the event they cannot attend live.  


As a Master Teacher, Justin takes out the fluff and carefully prescribes evidence-based practices every week so the participants can implement their learning and achieve BIG results.  Justin's easy to understand delivery allows for an engaging learning experience.  


This interactive experience will challenge, inform, excite and entertain everyday leaders looking for the next level in their personal and professional leadership journey. Come as an individual or send your team.





6 Week Program Outline


 The leadership training program focuses on 6 Modules (one per week) that have been consistently identified as key development areas by high-performance leaders. 



Module 1: Laying The Foundation


Laying The Foundation sets the stage for the program by identifying the underlying principles of leadership. Justin conveys key strategies every leader can apply immediately that will make a dramatic impact.


In this Module, participants will:


 - Learn & understand the foundation of leadership

 - How to apply the influence formula on a daily basis for maximum impact

 - Understand and avoid destructive sabotaging behaviors

- Understand & apply key motivational principles




Module 2: Personal Leadership


The first person a leader must effectlively lead is 'the self.'  Often this is the hardest person to lead.  So often leaders try to lead others with dismal results because they have failed to model the way--lead by example.  Module 2 is all about building and equipping YOU.  This week's learning will focus not so much on what leaders does, but who a leader is--the secret to extraordinary leadership.  


In this Module, participants will:


- Learn how to harness the power of getting things done in half the time

- Assess their core strengths & areas of growth 

- Learn how to postion themselves as a leader  

- Develop the High Performance Leader's Mindset




Module 3: Communicate With Ease


Consistent research shows that communication skills are the most important skill for leaders to master. Many frontline leaders spend as much as 75%-80% of their time communicating.  Communicating With Ease shows leaders how to not only communicate in an effective manner but how to connect so others will follow.  Justin shares his top communicating principles and practices so leaders can influence at a higher level.  


In this Module, participants will:


- Understand the art of effective communication

- Learn the key factors which build trust 

- Assess your primary communication style 

- Learn how to communicate in the "language of others"  




Module 4: Crucial Conversations


Crucial Conversations are apart of every leader's life.  Many leaders avoid or engage these conversations with brutal results because they do not have the skills required to lead others. This is one of the critical skills that separates High Performance Leaders from mediocre leaders. One of the critical factors for this separation is the ability to lead conversations when the stakes are high.  Module 4 focuses on key tools and questions every leader must ask when crucial conversations are at the forefront of a leader's day.      


In this Module, participants will:


- Understand the framework of a crucial conversation

- Apply the 5 most effective questions to ask in a crucial conversation

- Understand how to lead a crucial conversation

-  Learn how to identify and avoid the 'conflict trap'




Module 5: The Performance Coach


Coaching is one of the most important skills in mobilizing and growing the people you lead.  Yet, it is one of the most under-utilized practices in organizations and businesses. Module 5 shows participants how to maximize the performance of others so that they position themself as a level 5 leader to everyone in the organization or business community.        


In this Module, participants will:


- Learn and apply Justin's High Performance Coaching Method

- Identify and apply High Performance coaching competencies 

- Learn how equip and develop others  

-  Evaluate the ability to coach and influence others




Module 6:  Equipping Your Team


The ability to build a high performance team is a critical skill of all leaders.  Knowing how to get the most out of each employee is what separates great leaders from mediocre leaders.  Equipping Your Team shows leaders how to acquire the skills needed to increase effectiveness and cohesion.  It provides participants with the opportunity to acquire their skills, knowledge and behaviors when guiding and leading high performance teams.    


In this Module, participants will:


- Direct and influence team members

- Motivate & empower team members moving them to action

- Delegate responsibility and leverage time 

-  Learn how to apply feedback that inspires the performance of team members



What You Get From This Program:


1.  A High Performance Leadership Training Video Every Week

2. A LIVE Coaching Call every week where Justin answers your questions and coaches

3. A downloadable Workbook to record your learning and growth

4. A Leadership ACTION Plan to support your learning

5. A 30 day free subscription to Justin's High Performance Leadership Academy

6. Tried and tested practices and learning from a Master Teacher & Coach




Key Benefits You Will Experience:


  • Experience explosive improvements in your thinking, confidence, performance & productivity 

  • Develop a world class Leaders Mindset  

  • Lead with intense focus 

  • Free yourself from unnecessary stress by uncovering the secret to why what you want has nothing to do with what you create.

  • Achieve clarity of thought and purpose 

  • Lead and influence others with maximum impact  

  • Develop a bulletproof leadership plan that will create unstoppable momentum                          

Participants will discover that Justin’s accelerated learning program is a safe place to have an honest look at yourself and/or team in the mirror, gain massive clarity and transform mindsets. Whether you feel great about where you are right now or you are looking for something new, this transformational leadership experience is individualized and meets you where you are, giving you tools to lead from a place of confidence and impact. Justin’s process will show you how to use the tools taught to get more of what you long for in your life and less of what's not working for you.


This program will offer you a unique opportunity to synthesize and deepen your mastery of the core leadership principles through intensive application, differentiated learning, individualized coaching & feedback, and reflection.


To ensure development and growth, class size is limited. This program is best suited to leaders who are serious about their leadership development both on an individual and team basis.



Key Benefits for the Business or Organization:


  • The development of employee growth 

  • Building succession and leadership capacity 

  • The development of excellent people skills among management and staff  

  • Superior leadership performance, focus, and clarity 

  • Improve problem solving and decision making in leaders and/or team(s).  

  • An improvement in overall corporate culture                                                                                           




Why Justin Is Different


Typical leadership training programs focus on theory and knowledge.  That makes sense if you're dealing with leaders who enjoy spending thier time learning for the sake of a hobby.

But what if you have leaders (or are a leader yourself) who are frustrated with mediocre results or who are interested in advancing themselves both professionally and personally? That's why Justin Flunder's training and coaching goes beyond knowledge and information to focus on how to learn, retain, and practice. Justin's background in studying diffrentiated instruction and adult based education (B. Ed. & M. Ed.) has provided him with the understanding and skills to deliver programming that translates into transformation & change.  

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